Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First post of the 2010 course--Dr. King at work in Paris!

Dr. Nell and I arrived safely in Paris this morning. The trip from Philadelphia was mostly uneventful. It was a little chaotic at check-in as US Airways where there are only kiosks for the check in and there wasn’t an orderly procedure for check-in. You have to try to figure out which line will be the shortest. Other than that, everything went smoothly.
The weather today was very variable—cool, then warm, then windy. The forecast is for the highs in only the 60s for the first couple of days. We will need a lot of different layers of clothing that we can put on and take off as the weather changes.
This is the third year in a row that I am in Paris. It is starting to get familiar and I am speaking a little French (very little). We did a test run today for day one. We are looking forward to everybody arriving on Friday.
We didn’t know it but apparently a lot of eating establishments are closed on Wednesdays. We thought it was a sign of the recession but no, just a day off. All and all, Paris is as dynamic as ever. More anon. Dr. King

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