Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trial Run in Giverny

We went to Giverny today to prep for when the students travel there next week. We think that Monet’s pond at Giverny is one of the most tranquil places we have ever visited. For people who have seen Monet’s series of paintings based on the ponds, with all due respect, they don’t rival the pond in any way. The pond may be Monet’s greatest work of art.

In years past we have taken an organized tour to Giverny. This year we are going on our own and it will be much better. The town of Giverny is really cute and we will visit Monet’s grave as well as picnic and stroll around. We saw some incredible sand sculpture today. The day at Giverny should be awesome. The photos are of Dr. Nell next to a bust of Monet and at his grave.

The students arrive tomorrow and we can’t wait.

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  1. Dr. Nell, you blend :)
    Dr. King, you rule :)
    Looks like the weather's nice.
    Almost time for that Solstice!