Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day Three

Today we did something a little different. We travelled by train to Chartres, a town about one hour outside of Paris that is the oldest intact Gothic Cathedral in Europe, complete with some spectacular stained glass windows. It was huge, and I was amazed at the engineering skills and the craftsmanship involved. Some of us went to mass. It was first communion for the children the neighborhood. The mass was in French and the Cathedral was packed. It was awesome to think that that people have been gathering to pray for more than 1000 years in that spot. There is an old town around the Cathedral so there was plenty to do for the entire day.

It was great to get outside of Paris and see a little of the country side. And we had wonderful crepes for lunch in a quaint little restaurant.

Some students went to the Eiffel tower when we came back and watched the light show.

(It turns out that the placement of the m, the a, and the period are the most annoying switches in the French keyboard.)

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