Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Two

On Friday, everybody was pretty good about getting up on time. The rooms in the hotel are very small (the hotel is unrated so you can imagine) and it is not too quiet. There is no air cnditioning soyou have to sleep with the windows open. It has been cool, however so that is good. The hotel is clean and the people working here are very nice. One or two even speak some English. Okay, one) Still some of the students got some sleep, I guess. Everybody is making their adjustments and having a bunch of high school kids from England isn't making it easier but it ismore fun. Actually, the hotel is pretty typical for these kinds of trips. A couple of our students have had experiences with similar hotels when they were in high school.

The first stop was the Louvre. Everybody got audio guides and off they went. The guides were new and very sophisticated. Of course, I could not get mine to work correctly. Despited the challenges with the guides, everybody got to see the must-see exhibits--the Mona Lisa, Venus di Milo, the statue of Nike, etc. I never can find my way in the Lourve. For such an incredible museum, I wish the authorities would invest a little bit into signage. (They are changing the exhibits. The audio guide frequently did not match to the paintings currently hung.

After lunch in the museum cafeteria (it was a little pricey), we went to the Museum of the City of Paris. It was all in French and most people ran through it as quickly as possible (nobody bowled me over as they ran out--thank goodness for small favors)

Many of the students then took naps to feel more rested for the evening. We ate dinner in a great Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood. I loved it. For some, it was the first time they ate Chinese food! Most of the students went to the Latin Quarter at night.

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