Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Night Before

The students should all be on their way to the airport, as I write. Today we scouted some places that will not be on the trip next year as well as taking dry runs for some of the events this year. We went to the Louvre and then walked out with taking in the exhibitions, which took a little will power. We had a wonderful Chinese dinner. The students will have the opportunity to eat there later in the week.

We are still working out our telecommunications set up. Dr. Nell purchased a French Sim card that doesn't work. The hotel does not enable outbound calls, even with a calling card. I have to use pay phones on the street. Jeez, what a throw back.

The students are arriving in several different waves. Hopefully everybody's planes will be relatively on time. Tomorrow, we will stop at the Cathedral of the Notre Dame, the Memorial for the Deportations, which is our main meeting place, and a few other places on our way to a nice French dinner in the Latin Quarter to start our trip.

We are not going to blog everyday because we don't want to spend too much time on the Internet.

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